Monday, April 26, 2010

Parisian Love

A merveilleux or a fraisier? Have both!!!

On this wedding season i tend to get obsessed with wedding cakes. Not only they need to be beautiful, they also need to taste amazing but let's be honest, we are in France and as a food country we can do no wrong in term of pastries.

The question is, is it better to choose a fabulous designer cake, same desert for everyone or as we do it more and more often in Paris, choose several cakes?
I personnally would prefer the second one as i have two favourite pastries : Le Merveilleux (on the picture) and Le Fraisier. As I am sure most of you don't know what Le merveilleux is i am going to explain, it's beating air meringues, strong on the outside but not totally cooked on the inside, chocolate butter cream and shaving's a taste of heaven and even though you can find a merveilleux pretty much in each and every pastry shop in Paris, the one and only merveilleux is the one from a pastry shop called "Le Merveilleux".

Please try it and let me know !
Aux Merveilleux de Fred 129 bis, rue Saint-Charles Paris 15e Tél. : 01 45 79 72 47

Jewellery like in a Fairytale

Designers are everywhere is Paris ! On each and every corner yoy get a chance to discover an amazing boutique.
My all time favorite is Emmanuelle Zysman's, I have been fond of her work for a while now and I almost buy my jewellery exclusively from her. Everything is simply magnificent, when you first enter this little boutique, you feel like in a fairytale, the atmosphere is very unique ; from the delicate smell of fig tree parfume in the air to the luxurious black painted walls and most importantly the jewellery exposed everywhere in the boutique under crystal vase.

I suggest you visit her website or if you get the chance to be in Paris go to 81 rue des Martyrs, 75018 Paris

Gainsbourg, the ultimate rebel artist !

The life and death of a Serge Gainsbourg, our French cultural hero have been recreated in a new biopic "Serge Gainsbourg - a heroic life". As I'm french myself, I did knew most of Gainsbourg's story but do you know him? If not, please listen to "la javanaise" or "je t'aime moi non plus" and get to know the very special poet who is even more appreciated today than he was the day he died. Nearly 20 years after his death, the hold Gainsbourg continues to command over France's cultural imagination is quite extraordinary perhaps it was because people could see he was fragile, that he wanted to be loved.

The movie directed by Joann Sfar, well-known for The Rabbi's Cat series of comic books, is a very big deal here. We will always consider Serge Gainsbourg as a lengendary poet.

Une Religieuse à la violette

If you are going to Paris soon, please stop at Laduree for hot cocoa and mostly for a pastry. I know if a parisian is reading this he is going to think that it is obvious. Laduree is and has always been the place to have a pastry or a macaron, their specialty ! My own personnal choice for a pastry is always the same : A religieuse a la violette and as it comes to macaron it's "fresh mint leave" but unfortunatelly this flavor this only sporadically available so if you ever see it, just try it (and let me know what you think)!